Name: Snow
Age: 6 years old
Breed: Border Collie
Gender: Female

I’m positive, it’s negative!

Hey everyone! Remember me? No? I’m Snow and if you’ve been a supporter of CHAR for awhile, you may remember me as Momma to #snowspuppies , a litter of 5 blue merle pups that I gave birth to a few days after being rescued. That was a shocker, amirite?

Well I’m back but this time no big surprise, I promise.

So check me out. I had a family for 5 years and they loved me but things changed and now I need a new family. I’m trying to make the best of it though. To help with that, I’m back at my original foster home, where I had my puppies and guess what, one of my puppies is still here? *mind blown* I guess she never left and it’s been cool catching up with her, but now I need my own home (something about she’s an adult now and doesn’t need her mom around).

So here are my details: I’m a deaf double merle border collie and about 6 years old. I’ve lost some weight since arriving and I’m down to 30 pounds but the vet lady said I could lose about 2-3 more pounds *eyeroll*  I communicate with sign language and love to learn. I am housebroken, crate trained, and an overall joy to be around, obvi!

For the last few years I’ve been living as the only dog and I gotta tell you, that is a sweeeeet life. My foster home has a bunch of dogs and it can be a little overwhelming. I love chasing things and collecting them, like any good herding dog, and there are sooooo many little things to chase and herd here but those things aren’t very appreciative of my innate abilities. Their loss if you ask me.

So my foster mom said that I would do better being in a home by myself or with an older and less rambunctious sibling, because I have enough ’bunctious for everyone.

I also love to run and play in the yard. My favorite game is “Keep Away”, which isn’t my foster mom’s favorite game apparently. So now she’s teaching me the “Bring All The Things” game and don’t tell her, but it’s not terrible. I bring things, I get cookies. I bring more things, more cookies. It’s so much fun learning new things and foster mom is patient and totally gets me.

Other new things that I’m working on right now include flyball (yay, ball), disc (kinda like a ball, yay!), and new signs for things like “release”, “place”, and “take”. While I may be a little older at 6, I still have tons of energy and drive. I love being with my people and I love working for them even more.

I do have some anxiety, which is pretty common in deaf dogs, I hear 😉  I take anxiety meds that help me be a better dog and family member.

So if you are looking for a fun, playful, happy, quirky new family member, that’s me! Fill out an application and maybe we can meet and see if we’re a good fit. My kid is ready to kick me out soon, so don’t delay!

Snow is available for adoption to an experienced border collie/deaf dog home. She requires patience, on-going training, some type of fitness regime, and a quiet home environment with people who are home more than they are not.

Snow loves people but is hesitant around new dogs. She does best with submissive older dogs that don’t really want to play or rough house. Snow has a super strong herding drive and will chase cats and other dogs/animals. This also makes her unsuitable for a home with children.

Snow is crate and house trained. She is spayed, micro-chipped, and up-to-date on vaccines.  She is currently fostered in Salisbury, NC and her adoption fee is $250.

Overall, Snow is a high energy herding dog that needs consistency, structure, and an outlet for her energy and continued impulse control training. She is a sweet, kind, and loyal dog that is really very easy to live with. She’s just like any other border collie!