Name: Squints
Age: 6 months
Breed: Australian Shepherd/Cattle Dog
Gender: Female

Say hello to Squints! Squints is a six month old Australian Shepherd/cattle dog mix who came to rescue as a part of an owner-surrendered “oops” litter. She is a lovely blue merle with a bobbed tail and a soft, thick, shorter-style coat that is typically seen on working farm dogs. She has the loveliest face and adorable little ears that prick up when she’s focused, and when she’s feeling silly, she has the best submissive Aussie grin you’ve ever seen!

In order to understand what type of adopter Squints needs, it’s important to know where she came from. Before coming to rescue, Squints and her siblings lived outside with very little human interaction aside from her owner. Squints never spent time indoors, and instead she and her siblings typically slept in a horse trailer at night. Because of this, Squints is still much more comfortable outside, and can be very shy with strangers. She has come a very long way since coming to foster care, and she has learned that being inside is not actually as terrible as she originally thought. She also loves her crate – it is her “safe space” – and she’s done a very good job learning how to potty outside. Squints’ foster mom is still working on getting her more comfortable on leash and in the car, but she is beginning to enjoy her training walks and visits to friends’ homes for play dates.

Squints adores other dogs, and would do best in a family with another friendly dog or two for her to play with. Her foster siblings have helped a lot to show her how to be a “normal” dog, and her foster mom does not feel that she would be very happy as an only dog. Squints has also been exposed to cats and chickens, and she does well with them both. Due to Squints’ lack of socialization and shy nature, she should not go to a family with small children.

Squints would do best in a home where she won’t be expected to be “on” all the time – while she still needs plenty of exercise and the training that a typical six month old puppy needs, she may never be the type of dog who will feel comfortable spending lots of time in public or in highly social situations. Her foster mom feels that she would make an excellent “farm hand,” as she loves to be outside and on the move. Of course, this doesn’t mean that she should be an outside-only dog, however she would be a great companion for someone who spends a good deal of time at home working around the house/property. Squints does display strong herding drive, and she may make a good helper for an adopter who wants to train for stock work.

Squints is fully vaccinated, microchipped, spayed, and up to date on monthly preventatives.  Squints will require a fully fenced yard, and is not suitable for life in an apartment. She is fostered in Durham, NC, and her adoption fee is $325.