Stevie is a one year old purebred Australian Shepherd. He is a blue merle with white patchwork – we’re not sure if he is the result of a merle-merle breeding, or if he’s an excessive pattern white. Either way, he wasn’t born with enough white on his head, so he is bilaterally deaf. He has no vision impairments to speak of. Of course, he doesn’t even know what “deaf” means, and it definitely doesn’t slow him down!

Stevie is a sweet pup that just wants to spend his days cuddling. He has down five hand signals: sit, down, happy, no and stay. He is working on learning more signals and improving his leash manners. Stevie loves to tell you about what he sees outside and will bark at shadows on occasion; as he matures and becomes more comfortable we are hoping he will feel more secure. As a young deaf dog, he has a lot of energy to burn off and is not recommended with young children.

This guy LOVES to play fetch and tug! He is gentle and will give up his toys easily. Everyone who meets Stevie adores him.

Stevie does well with other dogs, male and female, and lives with cats. Full grown we expect him to fill out at around 50 to 60 pounds. He is house trained and has the run of the house at his foster home – he does not like the crate at all, though.

April Update: After a few months in foster care, Stevie’s foster mom noticed his increasing discomfort following playing. We took him in for a check up and x-rays, and our suspicions were confirmed – Stevie had severe hip dysplasia in his left hip. Luckily, we caught it early enough, and Stevie had an FHO surgery last month to correct the problem. He is currently still in “rehab” from the procedure, but we ARE accepting applications. This operation should have only positive effects on his physical ability in the future, so don’t let it discourage you from applying to adopt this amazing boy!

Stevie is fostered in Charleston, SC. He is neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped, and his adoption fee is $250.

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