Super Puppies

Super Puppies

We are now accepting applications for our “Super Puppies” – Zatanna, Tora, Dinah, and Mari. They are 7 week old Australian Shepherd/Australian Cattle Dog mixes, and they will be available to go home in 2-3 weeks once they have had their second round of vaccinations and microchips.

Given their breed mix, these puppies should go to experienced families who will have the time to dedicate to training and exercise. We will also require that adopters enroll them in puppy obedience classes or the equivalent of such, in order to ensure that they are well-socialized and properly trained. Don’t let the fluffiness fool you – these girls are still half cattle dog, and anyone who knows cattle dogs knows they are affectionately referred to as “fluffy alligators”.

Zatanna is the most dominant of the family, and should go to a family that does not already have dominant dogs. She plays very rough with her siblings, so we do not feel that she should go to a home with small dogs or children. She will likely do best without female siblings, as well.

Mari is “second” in rank, and can be a bit bossy! If she’s not getting enough attention, she will quickly let you know. She’s sassy and talkative and likes to get her way! She’s playful, though, and would do well with an assertive sibling who will enjoy her company but also hold their ground.

Tora is the most laid back of her sisters, but she’s also a bit stubborn (shocking for an Aussie/ACD mix, we know!). She’s playful, but also doesn’t mind doing her own thing, and chilling out while her sisters go crazy. Tora also has more of the ACD coat, so if you’re looking for a lower-maintenance option, she’s your girl.

Dinah is a healthy mix of playful and laid-back, but she’s still tenacious and quite spirited. She’s quick to grab shoelaces and rip her puppy pads to shreds, but she also loves to snuggle and woo humans with her oh-so-adorable face.

Puppies will be placed depending on their personalities and how they best match with potential adopters, NOT based on looks. Since they are all female, there’s no need to specify which puppy you may prefer, as we will match your family with the best fit if you are approved and selected for one.

Make sure you read our adoption procedures AND our puppy adoption procedures.

The puppies are currently fostered in the Hickory, NC area, and we hope to send them home toward the end of February. Their adoption fees will be $300 plus an additional $100 refundable spay deposit.

Fill out an application for a Super Puppy here!