Name: Tails
Age: 1 year
Breed: Australian Shepherd, Shetland Sheepdog
Gender: Male
Weight: 8 pounds

Tails is eight pounds of love, bounciness, cuddles, squeaks, and strange little noises. His favorite things are cuddling with his foster parents and siblings, running around the yard with his foster siblings, prancing around with toys that are larger than his whole body, and showing everyone that little Aussies have just as much brains and fun as big Aussies. Tails least favorite things are being alone and wearing silly sweaters. He always come running whenever his foster mom calls “dooooogie doooogs” and sits down every time she asks, because — it usually means treats.

Tails is a one-year-old Aussie/Sheltie mix who weighs about eight pounds. He came to rescue with a number of his “siblings,” who were all being used as a part of a “toy Aussie” breeding operation. Tails is a wonderful little guy with a huge heart. He is initially a bit shy of new people, but once he knows you and trusts you, he wants nothing more than to be around you all the time. His favorite things are snuggling and behind held and snuggling (yes he loves snuggling—it doesnt matter if the snuggles come from man or beast!). He is fun and playful with other dogs and follows his foster bro Toews (CHAR alum, Harvest) around anywhere he goes. He is very smart and eager to please, has learned to walk politely on a leash, and is working on basic obedience. He has a good recall and solid “sit” as long as there are yummy treats involved. Tails follows a “play hard, sleep hard” creed. Let’s face it, when your dog-hero is Toews, a little guy has to do everything to keep up with him! He will bounce around the yard vigorously for a good bit, and then snuggle for a nice long time. He is a good medium energy dog and does not require a fenced in yard, although he would like somewhere to run and chase toys.

Tails is pretty much housetrained and crate-trained, and he is up to date on his vaccines, microchipped, and neutered. Tails had a Femural Head removal surgery on his rear left leg and has been healing very nicely. Because of his indiscriminate breeding, Tails has a condition called Legg-Calve-Perthes disease, which affected his femurs. He and his foster mom spend time everyday doing exercises and stretches that improve the strength in his hind leg. Everyday his leg gets stronger and stronger. He will still pick it up when he really wants to run supersonic fast, but for the most part, he puts weight on it while puttering around the house. He has met cats and is not impressed by them. He doesn’t give chase and will actually wait in another room until the resident felines walk by, making sure to give them plenty of space. Tails has not been tested with children, but due to his shy nature, he would likely do best with older children (8+).

Tails is fostered in Winston Salem, NC, and his adoption fee is $300.