Teddy is a 6 month old male red Catahoula Leopard Dog available for adoption.

He’s on a snuggling mission.

This little boy cannot pass up a chance to nap with you on the couch.  He is SUCH a love!

He’s a smart cookie.

Teddy is food motivated, eager to please and ready to learn.   At five months old he is fully housebroken, crate trained and knows several basic commands.

He’s got a little help from his friends.

Teddy gets along well with other dogs, responding to their correction immediately.  He’s also learning how to ignore the kitty in his foster home!

He’s a big fan of toys and bones. 

Well, he’s a big fan of chewing in general but can be re-directed easily! Teddy would love to bond with his new owner by attending some basic obedience classes.

He’s been known to ride it ‘til the wheels fall off.

Teddy loves to wrestle with his Aussie foster sister and will be happiest with an equally playful dog sibling. He’s still working on his manners and is not a good fit for families with infants or small children due to jumping.

He deserves a wonderful life.

Teddy is an excellent choice for a Catahoula-experienced owner or someone who is more than prepared to meet the needs of his breed. He may be the sweetest little puppy on the planet right now, but you can expect him to become a large, intelligent, energetic, loyal and protective adult dog.

Click here to watch Teddy’s video.

Teddy is located on St. Simons Island in Georgia.

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