Name: Tempest
Age: 1 year
Breed: Aussie/Australian Cattle Dog mix
Gender: Female

Hi! I’m Tempest! You may remember me from last fall when me, my mom and my siblings were rescued together. I thought I had found my forever home, however it just wasn’t the right fit so I am back and looking for love in all the right places! I’m a little over a year now and while I’ve settled down some, I still have plenty energy and just LOVE to zoomie around the yard with my foster siblings. 
Foster mom says that I’m mixed with Velociraptor and Energizer Bunny, but I’m not sure how that is possible! I want to see the DNA, hoomans! I think I’m a perfect blend of Australian Cattle Dog and Australian Shepherd. Just check out my freckles and floof! 
So I am deaf, which means I can’t hear a darn thing you tell me, but I do know several hand signals and am learning more everyday – I am quite smart cookie. I do initially have some crate anxiety – I just really want to be with my hoomans. But if you crate me next to another dog and give me a frozen peanut butter Kong, I will sleep contently all night, or even chill out in my crate if you need to be away!  I do still have some puppy like tendencies – I like to chew. It soothes me. Blankets, fuzzy toys, the occasional dog bed. But if crated or supervised I can be a perfect angel.  In typical herder fashion, I do tend to resource guard my people and some high value items. But Foster mom has implemented a strict “no furniture” rule and feeds me separately from my foster siblings. I have to say, it’s been working really well and I’ve not grumped at anyone since my first week back! Since I’m deaf, foster mom says that I do like to play a little rough, so I really need a very dog-savvy family who understands my needs, body language and behavior.  
I like to say that I’m full of sugar and a dash of spice!  I’m a sugary sweet girl who loves belly rubs and to give kisses. But I am also full of spice and love to run around crazy in the yard playing with my foster siblings. Like most deafies I’m super curious and nosey and can get into mischief if left unattended. 
I am a true Velcro dog and just love, love, love people (even respectful kids!). Once I’ve worked out boundaries, I love playing and hanging out with other dogs. I also am very respectful with my feline foster siblings. But I definitely need to be around canine-savvy cats. My cat-curiosity has gotten me into trouble, but after I get smack on the nose a couple of times, I learn, ‘if I leave them alone, they leave me alone.’ And so far, it’s working.  
I weigh 30lbs and I’m not likely to get any bigger. Foster mom says that I have the softest white fur and the cutest freckled ears. I am current on my vaccines, microchipped, and spayed. 
Tempest’s adoption fee is $300 and she is fostered in Winston Salem, NC. We would like to make sure that Tempest continues her positive reinforcement training so, in addition to the adoption fee there is a $200 training deposit that will be refunded upon proof of completion within six months of adoption.