Name: Theodore
Age: 1-2 year old
Breed: Australian Shepherd
Gender: Male

Hi! My name is Theodore, but everybody calls me Theo. I’m a one to two–year-old Australian Shepherd boy with an adorable little nub. My start to life was a little tough but boy, life is better now! I’m was pretty skinny when I came to CHAR, but with lots of good food and TLC I’m finally at a healthy weight (45-50lb)!

I LOVE my people. My foster mom calls me “velcro,” whatever that means. I just know that I’m the happiest when I’m snuggling next to them or keeping an eye on them from across the room. Sometimes when I get excited or anxious, I lick, circle or nip at my people, so I probably wouldn’t be a good match with a family with children. My foster parents are working on teaching me that being patient and waiting for affection is a much more effective means of obtaining it – but sometimes I just can’t help myself, I am a herder after all!

I get along great with the other dogs in my foster home, too. We love to wrestle and play chase, and sometimes I zoom around hoping that one of them will join in! In fact, I might prefer a family that has a canine companion or two for me since I’m still learning how to live my best dog life. I’m learning that walks aren’t scary things, but I don’t like to venture too far from home just yet. Foster mom says we’ll just go a little farther each day, and that seems okay with me. I’m still pretty timid toward strangers, new dogs, and new sounds on walks, but I’m getting more comfortable as time goes on. My favorite is when foster mom brings lots of treats AND one of my foster siblings along, I love snacks and having a buddy really boosts my confidence!

I am crate trained and housetrained and I’ve learned to sit patiently, even when I’m waiting for my food dish. I’m really proud of myself when I keep my butt on the ground even when it’s wiggling! Foster mom says I’m a really quick learner and I impress her every day with how much I’ve improved!

So if you’ve got herder expereince, a doggie friend, and fenced in yard – I might just be the boy for you!

Theodore is currently fostered in Charlotte, NC. He is neutered, microchipped, and UTD on vaccines. His adoption fee is $300.