Name: Tikka
Age: ~1 year
Breed: Border/Aussie Mix
Gender: Female
Weight: 47 lbs.

Pretty Miss Tikka is a gorgeous and very energetic red and white Border Collie/Aussie mix who, amoung her many accomplishments, has the great distinction of being little Vada’s mother.
Tikka is the definition of a high-energy herder. She is remarkably athletic and can jump very high for things she wants (birds, drones, escaping fences etc…). This makes her a potentially wonderful sports dog for sports like dock diving, disc dog, agility etc…
Apart from being super energetic, she also loves humans and other dogs. She is quite submissive and absolutely LOVES to play with her foster siblings and all her friends when they come over. When her siblings don’t want to play with her (since she always seems to outlast them), she loves playing with her toys. She will pounce, chase, and chew whatever toys are around. She has been doing quite well with using only her toys and not her foster parents’ things. She’s a bit velcro with her humans, so when she finally settles, it will be next to her person.
She is currently learning manners, and when she can actually focus, she does quite well. She walks nicely on a leash, and has been training to run beside a bike and a human. She is house-trained, and does very well in her crate (as long as she has been exercised).
About Tikkas ideal forever home —
1. High energy/sports: Tikka currently does a 2-2.5 mile sprint (while her foster dad bikes), followed by a 1.5-2 mile pack walk every evening. She also has between 2-3 hours of intense play in a fenced in back yard that includes fetch, laser tag, chasing, and wrestling with her foster sisters and friends. On the weekends, she adds in longer hikes and extended play sessions. She also does brain games like nosework/problem solving at night to keep her mind busy. We will be looking for a home that can continue her daily exercise needs and who would like to do sports with her. She would make a fabulous running companion as well.
2. Siblings: Tikka LOVES being with other dogs, so she would prefer a home with at least one canine sibling — preferably another high energy one like herself.
3. No small animals: Tikka cannot be in a home with small animals especially any birds, cats, or other small pets. She has an intensely high prey drive and needs a dog-only or no-pet home.
4. Yard: Due to her energy and her ability to easily clear a 4-ft fence, she will need her forever home to have at least a 5-6 ft solid fence and a completely fenced in yard for her to run around.
She is currently fostered in Durham, NC and is UTD on all vaccines, microchipped, and awaiting her spay surgery. She will be ready for her forever home in a few weeks!