Velcro Vincent just wants somebody to love

Meet Vincent a 1 year old red tri male Aussie. Vincent is the epitome of a Velcro Aussie, he follows his foster mom from room to room and always finds a spot close by to hang out. This boy is all puppy – gangly, goofy, and occasionally mouthy (we’re working on that). He is eager to please and wiggles his nubbie at the slightest bit of attention. He loves hugs, pets, snuggles, head rubs, belly rubs…you get the idea.

We’re not sure of his past, but it would seem he spent a good bit of time outside without a lot of positive attention. He can be a bit unsure in new situations and (like many Aussies) takes time to warm up to new people, but once he does he is all for snuggles and pets! Vincent walks and runs fairly well on a leash when there are no distractions present – his foster family is working on “leave it” and “watch me” to focus his attention away from distractions while leashed. He has demonstrated some resource guarding, but with management and understanding of the behavior his foster family has seen it diminish significantly in only 2 weeks. He would benefit greatly from consistent, patient training and his foster family believes once he gains some confidence and fully trusts his person he will turn out to be a diamond in the ruff.

Vincent gets along very well with his bossy Aussie foster sister and has done very well meeting extended foster family pups as well. He desperately wants to play with the kitties in his foster home and much to their dismay he greets them with a play bow every morning, so we would recommend only dog savvy cats for this boy. Vincent LOVES going for walks and runs, playing fetch (be prepared to throw anytime you have a tennis ball in your hand), and generally goofing off with ALL of the toys in the toy basket. He is a moderate to high energy boy who would do well with an active person or family to help him burn off energy in a constructive manner (any runners out there looking for a running partner who is up for a run no matter what??).

Vincent is house and crate trained and has proven himself trustworthy being left alone in a “puppy proof” room during the day. He quickly picked up “sit” and “down” and knows he has to sit nicely for his leash and to walk through the door. Vincent is neutered, microchipped, up to date on all vaccinations and fostered in Charlotte, NC.

Vincent is located in Charlotte, NC. 

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