Name: Viola
Age: 8 months (March 2018)
Breed: Australian Shepherd
Gender: Female
Weight: 26 lbs.

Little Viola is cute as a button and will be sure to steal your heart! She is affectionate and devoted, with a hint of mischievous sass. It is a joy to watch her prance importantly around the yard following her foster mom, sprint off for a lap of “zoomies”, race back, do her happy dance and flop down for belly rubs.
Although Viola received very little socialization in her early months, her desire for human contact and innate curiosity, is helping her overcome her resulting timidness. She is cautious, but curious, and with patience and some encouragement, will approach new people and situations.
Viola is deaf and vision impaired. She seems to hear some louder sounds or certain tones, but not voices. She is blind in one eye, but her vision is quite functional for getting around her environment. Her peripheral vision on one side is limited and she seems to have more difficulty in shadowy, poor lighting and seeing objects at a distance. She will occasionally startle or bark when she sees or hears something she cannot discern clearly.
Viola is on the lower energy scale ( for an Aussie) and does well with brisk walks and play times. She is quite smart. She is learning hand signals for sit, down and come. She enjoys leash walks, but is still gaining confidence in areas with traffic and pedestrians. She likes chewing bones, tug of war and playing with toys. She loves, loves, loves petting and belly rubs!
Viola has done great with all the male dogs in her foster home. She enjoys wrestling and playing chase with the Aussies and has been gentle with the tiny Papillon. While there are no female dogs in her foster home, she has lived with female littermates and would likely be fine with an easy going female. She would also do okay as an only dog, as long as she had plenty of time with her people. She met a cat at her temporary foster home and showed friendly interest.
Viola is crate trained and housebroken. She would prefer a home with a fenced yard or access to a fenced park. Due to her hearing and vision limitations, and a tendency to jump about when greeting, Viola will only be placed with children over 6.
Viola currently weighs only 26 pounds at 8 months old. She will likely grow some more and needs to gain some weight, but she will be on the small side for an Aussie. Viola is UTD, spayed and microchipped. She is fostered in Manteo, NC. Her adoption fee is $325.