Name: Vortex
Age: 5 months (October 2018)
Breed: Aussie/Australian Cattle Dog mix
Gender: Male

Vortex came from a home in SC. He is from what some folks like to call an “oops litter”. His momma (CHAR dog Windy) and his dad are both said to be Australian Shepherd-Australian Cattle Dog mixes.

If you know much about Aussies, you are probably curious about all of his white. Unlike his sister, Tempest, he can hear and see just fine (as far as we can tell). He just has a lot of white.

Vortex is a very confident pup and needs an experienced adoptive home that can keep him in check so he does not bully other dogs. When kept in check he loves hanging and playing with his foster siblings. He is a little rough for cats but would likely be alright with super dog savvy ones. Vortex loves children and adults alike. He would do best in a home with another dog to help keep him social and continue to guide him to being the best he can be.

His foster momma is working hard on teaching him to not jump and fine tuning his house breaking and crating skills. He is a super sweet pup and while he hasn’t had the best start to life, he is learning and growing. With continued training and guidance, he has a lot of potential to be a super fun dog!

Vortex is current on his vaccines, microchipped, and will need to be neutered by 6 months of age. His adoption fee is $350 and he’s fostered in Charleston, SC.

In addition to the adoption fee there is a $200 neuter and training deposit that will be refunded upon proof of completion by 6 months of age.