Willow: Referral

Willow: Referral

Willow is a very sweet girl that had a rough start.

I adopted her eight months ago from the local humane society. Back then I did not work, and just went to school so I had a lot of time and attention to give to Willow. Things have since changed and I have had to take up a full-time job in addition to going to school full-time. All I know about her past is that she was owned by a man that could no longer care for her.

I am confident that Willow had been abused at some point in her life before I adopted her, and most likely by a man. Willow is more of a girl’s- girl as she is not too fond of men, but she will get comfortable and grow to trust them if they are sweet and take their time with her. Willow LOVES walks, runs, and play-dates with other doggies.

She perks right up when she has a fur-friend to play with and does best in a home with other dogs or ample opportunities to play with fur-friends. It is very important for Willow to go to a home where her human is home most of the time or can bring Willow to work, or on long outings. It is also very important for Willow to go for long walks, runs, hikes (if you are a runner, PERFECT!).

If Willow does not go to a person or family with this sort of life style it will not be good for her or the person/family. Willow loves her crate, but she will stay in it all day (when she goes to a new place) if you allow her. When she does not get the exercise and attention she needs, she chews destructively.

With all that, Willow is fine to be alone for certain periods of time and is house-trained and crate-trained. She just cannot be left alone as an every-day thing. Even a 9-5 job where someone can walk her on their lunch break is not good. Willow walks very nicely on a leash/ harness. Willow is a very sweet girl and I am ever so confident that she will do well in a home where she gets the TLC she needs. I know that when she is paired with the right person/ family, she will blossom. If you are interested in Willow, you must truly be in it for the long haul and have patience.

To adopt Willow, please contact her owner via email at jordan.ashley.lord@gmail.com or phone at (803) 667-0070.