Wren is a charismatic, fun, quick-learner!


Meet Wren. Wren is a four month old Aussie/lab mix who was dumped in a shelter with her brother and sister (Finch and Phoebe). Wren was pretty shy when she first came into foster care, but has warmed up a great deal, and really knows the routine around the house now. She’s super playful, and loves romping and wrestling with the other pups.

Wren has the best of both worlds for those who love Labs and Aussies – she’s sweet and personable like a lab, and intelligent and quick like an Aussie! Plus, her tail was docked, so your coffee tables are safe!

This is a very smart pup, and she’s a fast learner. She would be great for an active family wanting a biddable dog to fit an energetic lifestyle.

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