Name: Yeti
Age: 4 months (Dec. 2018)
Breed: Border Collie
Gender: Female

Little Yeti is a perfect blend of happy, sweet, smart and energetic with just a dash of sassy thrown in! Looking for a soft and fluffy friend to snuggle on your feet or next to you on the couch? How about a playful companion to romp and wrestle with your current dog? Or perhaps a future walking/hiking/jogging buddy? Yeti will be able to do all this and more.

It may therefore surprise you to hear that she is deaf and vision impaired. Well, that doesn’t slow Yeti down at all! She negotiates her environment with relative ease and few bumps along the way. She is learning touch signals for a few basic commands. She is doing very well with house training and crate training. She walks nicely on leash. Most of all, she loves people and other dogs. She is medium energy level ( for a border collie) and does not show the frenetic energy or anxiety that can be typical of many special needs herding dogs.

Yeti would love a home with a fenced yard, a doggy buddy to play with (or regular opportunities to play with other dogs) and plenty of exercise and interaction with people. There are no cats in Yeti’s foster home, but best guess is that she would attempt to play with a resident cat and would do better with a dog savvy cat. Due to her deafness and visual limitations, she will only be place in a home with respectful children over age 6.

Yeti is spayed, microchipped and up to date on her vaccines. As with all puppies, attendance in a puppy kindergarten or basic obedience class will be expected. Yeti is fostered in Manteo, NC. Her adoption fee is $350.