Name: Yoshi
Age: 4 months (June 2017)
Breed: Australian Shepherd
Gender: Male

Meet Yoshi! Yoshi is a four-month-old male red tricolor Australian Shepherd. Yoshi came to rescue as an owner surrender, when his family realized they didn’t have the time or experience to properly work with Yoshi’s high energy and training needs. This guy is such a sweetheart and super smart, but he does need an adopter who has a good bit of Aussie experience, and the time to help him develop the full potential that he is capable of.

Yoshi will be a smaller Aussie, probably around 35-40 pounds when full grown. He shouldn’t be incredibly fluffy, but instead will have a more durable working-style coat. This guy loves people and gets along very well with other dogs – he’s currently fostered with older and younger dogs that range from 12 pounds to 80 pounds. He’s still learning all about “dog manners,” as he was not exposed to many dogs before coming to rescue, but he takes cues very well and is respectful of the other dogs’ space. Yoshi has met both adult cats and kittens, and is curious yet respectful of them, as well. Yoshi has not been exposed to small children, and while he will likely be fine with kids, his foster mom feels that he would be best with children eight years old or older.

Yoshi becomes very attached to his people, very quickly. He does have moderate separation anxiety, and will need a family who understands Aussies and the types of anxiety this breed is prone to when not trained and exercised properly. A professional dog trainer has evaluated Yoshi, and his foster mom has him on a strict training schedule to work on his separation issues, crate training, and house training. The good news is that Yoshi is incredibly intelligent and willing to please, and very food motivated. The trainer who evaluated him was very impressed with his smarts, and believes he will make an excellent agility dog with the right handler. Yoshi’s foster mom is beginning to expose him to agility equipment as a part of his training and socialization.

Due to Yoshi’s training and exercise needs, CHAR is in no hurry to rush him out of foster, and will keep him in the rescue as long as it takes to find the adopter that suits his needs. He is not a dog for a beginner family, nor will he do well in an apartment or with a family that works the typical 40-hour week away from home.

Yoshi was very well cared for by his previous family, and has been vaccinated on schedule and kept up on flea, tick, and heartworm preventatives. He will be receiving his “big boy” shots soon, and will be microchipped before adoption. Yoshi is fostered in Durham, NC, and his adoption fee is $350.