Zora – Adoption Pending!

Age: 3 years
Breed: Australian Shepherd
Gender: Female

Zora is a three year old female Australian Shepherd.

Don’t let your eyes scream louder than your brain with this lady – yes, she is drop dead gorgeous. She is also a very nervous, shy dog who can and will scale a short fence or run out your front door in a heartbeat. Zora was a dog who existed solely to produce puppies for her owner, and because of this, she lacks many of the skills “normal” dogs learn very early on. Before joining her foster family, Zora never walked on a leash, rode in a car, or slept in a crate. These are skills her foster family is working on diligently, but you cannot change three years of behaviors in just a couple months.

We tell you all of this so that, if you decide you are interested in Zora, you know what you are getting into. We do not want Zora returned down the road due to miscommunication. We also do not want Zora on the run, hit by a car, or any other number of awful things – so, Zora will ONLY be placed in a family with a secure, wooden, six-foot fence. We also will not place her with a family with small children (under 12 years old), or with a family who lives in a very busy/loud neighborhood or urban area. Yes this sounds like a lot of requirements we don’t typically have for our adopters, but we are very serious about keeping this dog safe and happy.

Now, on to the good things about Zora. By all indications, she is house trained and has only had one accident in the two months she’s been in foster. Once Zora feels comfortable, she will go in and out of a house to potty outdoors without issue. Zora has proven to be quite good with other dogs, small and large, but she will raise her lips to tell a boisterous dog to give her space. Zora’s foster mom has been adamant about crate training, and Zora now goes in her crate for bed every night. She still does not handle crating well when alone, and will attempt to break out. Fortunately, she is not destructive and usually hangs out on the couch while foster-mom is out of the house.

Zora is a snuggle QUEEN and would happily cuddle her human all day long, if allowed (we don’t suggest it, just saying). She enjoys chewing the dog-safe bones in her foster home, and may eventually decide that toys are fun, too. Zora has learned to walk on leash safely and joins her foster family on pack walks (though still double-leashed) around the neighborhood. A walk or two a day is currently enough exercise for her, though it’s likely to change over time.

Despite a very stressful transition to rescue, Zora has shown no signs of aggression or reactivity toward humans. She has also accepted guests into the home with no issues, and quickly warms up to new visitors. She has not been tested with small children, and will not be placed where she will have considerable exposure to small children. She has also not been tested with cats, but it can be arranged if necessary.

Zora will be spayed, up to date on vaccinations, and microchipped before she is adopted. We expect that she will be able to go “home” in mid-late January. Zora is fostered in Durham, NC and her adoption fee is $300.

If you are an approved applicant and are interested in Zora, please contact the adoption committee. If you are interested and not yet approved, please complete an adoption application.