Who We Are

Carolina Hearts Aussie Rescue was founded by a group of very active animal rescue volunteers who felt a small regional focused rescue group was a much more viable alternative to national groups they’d all been a part of.  CHAR grew out of the hearts of the volunteers who’s sole purpose is to take an unwanted dog and find them their forever home.

Our goal is basic… to rescue our beloved herders and help them find their forever homes.  

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Carolina Hearts Aussie Rescue is a volunteer based organization whose purpose is rescue and place herding dogs into forever homes.  While that sounds rather easy, it is not.  Herding dogs do not do well in shelters and typically shut down.  Their instincts and high intelligence lead them to become fearful and over stimulated in shelter environments.  This often makes them seem un-adoptable to shelter staff and these healthy, well-behaved animals are often euthanized without ever having a chance to be on the adoption floor.

Carolina Hearts Aussie Rescue is funded solely by donations, fundraisers, and adoption fees.  Our team of volunteers works throughout the Carolinas to find permanent, loving homes for homeless dogs in our region.

Most of our dogs have are obtained from animal shelters in North Carolina, South Carolina and surrounding states however we do receive owner surrenders as well.  We have a build wonderful relationships with many Shelters throughout the area and are alerted almost immediately when an Aussie or other herding breed is dropped off to them.