Adoption Fees

Fees can range from $150 – $350 depending on the age of the dog. Fees are due at the time of adoption.

Where does your adoption fee go?

CHAR has no paid employees; we operate solely off volunteer hours as a non-profit organization. Rest assured, 100% of your adoption fee goes to the care of our dogs. The treatment listed is just the standard of care. Most of our dogs present with existing medical needs. As you compare the standard of care expenses with adoption donation, you will notice the huge deficit. So now, multiply all of that by the number of dogs that we rescue each year and you will quickly understand why your support is vital to our organization.

The adoption fee enables us to recover some of our cost but the care and resources we invest per dog far outweigh what we ask in return. CHAR organizes several fundraising events throughout the year to generate funds to support the organization. Our foster homes are the backbone of the organization, working with each dog in whatever capacity is necessary to become a vital member of your family.

Our adoption fees are as follows:

Puppy (under 6 months) – $350
Teen (6-12 months) – $325
Adult (1 – 5 years) – $300
Adult (6-10 years) – $250
Senior (10+ years) – $150

In special cases, we may lower or waive the adoption fee. This is entirely within our discretion – please do not come to us with the intent of only adopting at a lowered or waived rate.

Standard Medical Care Upon arriving at CHAR
Spay or Neuter $150+
Medical Exam: $50
Rabies Vaccine: $20
Heartworm Test: $40
Bordetella: $20
Microchip: $40
Distemper/Parvo: $20
Heartworm Prevention(Monthly)$15
Flea Treatment (Monthly) $20
Collar/Leash/Tag $20
Total: $395+