Adoption Territory

As of February 2014, Carolina Hearts will only be adopting to families and individuals in the Southeastern states (see map below). We understand that this will disappoint many adopters, however the safety of our rescue dogs is our first priority. We feel that the farther away we send our rescues, the more danger we put them in if something were to go wrong. Similarly, we are restricted by the fact that our volunteers live in the Southeastern states, and our adoption process requires in person home visits for approval.

Exceptions may be made for placement in performance homes and for special needs or senior dogs that we are struggling to place locally. If you feel that you may qualify for this exception, please email to discuss the situation with our board. Please keep in mind that adoptions are completely at our discretion; if we deny your request it is by no means a reflection on you as a person, simply that we feel the dog is better placed in another home.

We appreciate the support of our adopters and followers! Thank you so much for being a part of our wonderful mission.